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Quality Control

Final Inspection

 Packer subs getting a final inspection before shipment. All accessory items are inspected after each manufacturing process. Upon completion all items must pass through a final inspection stage.  All critical dimensions are documented on inspection forms and retained for 5 years.


 The setting of a MRP gage using a Gage Maker mic-trac system.  This system is used to set special dimensions.

Optical Comparator

 All threading inserts are re-inspected using overlays and a 50 x lens. Any inserts not meeting the Norris tolerances are removed and discarded. The optical comparator is also used for all molds taken on threads and seal areas and matched against an over lay.

Setting Standard

 NTS hardened and ground setting standards are used to set all MRP gages and mic’s. These types of standards are used for all NTS products.


 A qualified inspector examines and records all dimensions on the proper inspection forms. These records are retained for 5 years. Every connection on all tubular products are inspected 100%.